SBI Builders proudly supports the opportunity to building sustainable affordable housing based in the Bay Area, Monterey and previously in Orange County. We have been the general contractors for community based projects such as Collage Pine Avenue , Haciendas, Trevvett Court Retirement Community, and the recent Park Landing project.



At SBI Builders, we are not just building homes for low income families but we are also building safe communities by constructing quality affordable housing, providing follow up credibility for reporting issues through our warranty requests and establishing valuable relationships with the city, our clients and architects.

In 2012, SBI Builders Inc. built a family home with Habitat for Humanity in Marina, CA. A family suffered the loss of their home to a fire. Habitat for Humanity stepped in and with the volunteer work of the SBI Team constructed a new family home using locally salvaged materials. SBI also worked with some local subcontractors to help complete the project.



We give back to not just the community but also the environment. Being a LEED AP certified construction company we have the certifications to build quality sustainable housing to monitor waste reduction, recycling and energy saving building codes. The tenants and homeowners benefit from our environmentally conscious housing by reducing utility consumption and providing a clean community for future families.

As a leader in housing construction, SBI Builders continues to support the vision of giving back by helping the community, providing jobs, maintaining environmental standards, enforcing Green Halo recycling initiatives, and maintaining responsible measures for reporting warranty requests concerning the tenant, property managers and homeowners.

We add value by sharing our knowledge and experience to support equal opportunity to the communities we serve while partnering with our clients such as the City of Monterey Housing Authority, Jamboree Housing Authority and Habitat for Humanity.