SBI Builders Inc supports the training and education of its employees. Combining cutting edge construction technology systems being used today, our company aligns training and education in the advancements behind BIM and VICO 3D Modeling in construction analysis.


We also provide the training and implementation for our subcontractors to use online billing services, pre qualification, training on cloud based Procore project management, as well as education on safety and environmental building. Some of our staff go on to become LEED AP certified which ensures our commitment to sustainable building. We strive to continue to provide an environment for our staff to excel in their performance, and as a company we reinforce the value of our employees as we support their professional advancement within the company structure.


Our employees are also encouraged to learn about our communities we service. A component of our service is to build affordable housing which we connect with the county, city and community. Our staff learn about environmental impact, learn new policies and processes as well as trained to prepare upon the start of a construction project.

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