The Code and Conduct

  • SBI Builders is dedicated to maximize efficiency before the project starts with its pre-construction support. Ideally, SBI Builders is brought on before Design Development Documents to help guide practical means and methods, material selection and the construction assemblies to increase efficiencies, reduce construction durations and maximize each budget.

● Design/Build services
● Target Value Design
● Schematic design estimate
● Design dev estimate
● Contract document estimate

● Constructability review
● Document control
● Competitive bidding
● Bid packages
● Overlay and coordination studies

● Value engineering analysis
● Cost control
● Prequalify subcontractors
● Site logistics development
● Lead identification and procurement



  • SBI Builders is responsible for managing all aspects of the project and we believe this is a partnership with all parties involved. This includes all the design consultants, Owners, Subcontractors and consultants necessary for the construction of the project. When picking subcontractors, we are responsible for the quality of all work performed by any and all of the hires. We only hire the most qualified subcontractors for all of our jobs and will continue to do so for as long as we are in business. The type of construction includes but is not limited to:

● Type 1, Type 3, Type 5
● Underground Podiums
● Above Ground Podiums

● Wrap Construction
● Senior Living Facilities
● Single Family Homes

● Garden Style Walks-up’s
● Condominiums
● Infrastructure Upgrades


Plan. Perform. Execute.

  • SBI Builders understands that once a project is physically constructed, that doesn’t mean it is complete. Managing the construction project closeout process requires open communication and effective planning.

● Punchlist
● Inspections
● Site Cleanup
● Doc collection/handover

● Owner’s Manual
● Warranty Certificates
● Addressing Potential Issues
● Updated As-Built Drawings

● 1yr fit and finish warranty
● Accounting for turnover
● Post-occupancy review
● Orientation Training

Programs Used

Digital Guidance and Communication

  • SBI Builders has heavily invested in technology to support each project at each stage.

● Procore
● Sage 300
● Textura

● PlanGrid
● Bluebeam
● Exigis

● Building Connected
● MS Projects
● Box